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Pigeon Spy Boggy Marsh

Pigeon Spy

Boggy Marsh

Published July 17th 2013
Kindle Edition
35 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Pigeon Spy is a short story that introduces the Olly Wood Gang (in advance of the first full-size book, Light At The End Of The Tunnel, which will be published soon).The gang is led by Oliver Olly Wood and Malcolm Mac Heath and also includes their brothers, Neville Newt Heath, Barry Balsa Wood, Steven Giggleswick ‘Giggsy’ Wood and Willie ‘Wait for me’ Wood, plus their friends,Its 1963 and The Big Freeze covers the whole of the country in deep snow drifts for many weeks. Does that keep these boys at home ? NO !They walk to the woods through enormous drifts and find pigeons frozen to branches of the trees. One of the gang gets shot in the bum by another gang with a crossbow. The local vicar turns up and helps the boys back to the vicarage but as usual, the boys cause untold mayhem and ...Well, its the stuff of a small-town, 1960s English gang of kids - they arent bad, but they arent good either.