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Getting Into Mini Reefs Jim Fatheree

Getting Into Mini Reefs

Jim Fatheree

Published August 1st 2001
Kindle Edition
64 pages
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 About the Book 

Only a few years ago it was believed almost impossible for a newcomer to the saltwater aquarium hobby - even someone with long experience in the freshwater aquarium hobby – to be able to set up an aquarium designed to house not only fish but also the other animals that make the world’s coral reefs as vibrantly attractive to viewers as they are. That is no longer true. Today even people with no aquaristic history at all behind them are able to establish miniature reef aquariums and keep them going successfully. Their success is partly the result of the fact that today’s synthetic sea salts and equipment, especially the filtration and lighting equipment, are far superior to what has preceded them. But there is another reason as well: the great increase in the body of knowledge about keeping the creatures of the reef alive in our tanks. In this eminently readable book designed for beginners, author Jim Fatherree has succeeded in rendering that knowledge into the form of very practical and easy-to-follow instructions for making the creation of a reef aquarium in the home or office a completely realizable objective.